Types of Essential Oil Diffusers

Types of Essential Oil Diffusers

Nature has gifted us with thousands of plants and flowers that provide healing and promote feelings of well-being through their essential oils. In order to receive these benefits on demand, man has found a way through the distillation and extraction of these essential oils to readily receive the benefits that these plants have to offer. Having produced essential oils, it became necessary to find a way to use them – inhaling with the help of diffusers is one of the main ways that pure essential oils are used in order that the healing benefits and wonderful aromas can be enjoyed.

Home Diffuser Methods

You may want to try a home-based method before you decide to buy any of the hundreds of diffusers currently on the market. One common home based method is by steam diffusion. Add a few drops of oil to a bowl of very hot water. The steam coming from the bowl will help to disperse the oil molecules into the air. Of course, water in a bowl cools quickly so the effect will last only as long as steam is rising from the bowl. Another method that you may want to try is to place a cotton ball with a few drop of essential oil on it near a radiator during the wintertime. During the summertime you may try placing the cotton ball near a fan where the air will touch the ball, but be mindful that this method will not give as great a result as when a diffuser is used.

Candle Diffusers

One of the oldest and most basic types of diffusers is a candle diffuser. The most common types are made out of metal or are ceramic. There is a space at the base for a candle and on top is a little tray or holder for the oil. The user should mix a few drops of oil with some water and place in the tray. The water is a safeguard against the oil burning out. A candle, usually a tea candle, is lit, which then heats the oil and diffuses it into the air. You may want to consider using environmentally friendly candles such as beeswax or soy based ones to enhance the experience.

Electric Heat Diffusers

One of the most popular types of diffusers, the electric diffuser, usually has a glass container to hold the essential oil. The container is then placed on the electric base where it is gently heated and dispersed into the room.


This type of diffuser breaks down the essential oil into micro-sized molecules before dispersing them into the room. The result is that these molecules are easily taken into the lungs, therefore the therapeutic effect is greater when compared to other methods of diffusion. Nebulizers usually have two main parts – the section that houses the pump and another section for the essential oils. This type of diffuser is very good for therapeutic purposes.