Top 20 Essential Oil Diffuser reviews

Welcome to the wonderful world of essential oil diffusers! If you are reading this you probably already have some idea of the benefits you get from using essential oils. Using an essential oil diffuser will allow you to benefit even more and in ways that are not possible using the oils another way.

I am a lover of all things concerning essential oils and so even though putting this website together was a lot of work it was a labor of love. I am just thrilled that I can help people to discover the joy of using essential oil diffusers. On this site you will find reviews of my top favorite diffusers along with several articles containing information about essential oils and the diffusers made to work with them.

Without further ado I present to you my top 20 essential oil diffusers.

Quamii Essential Oil Diffuser with 7 Color Changing LED Lamp

Quami’s essential oil diffuser is an ultrasonic unit which can remain in operation for up to 12 hours without your intervention because of the generous reservoir which holds 400 ml of water. It also has a safety feature built in so it shuts itself off when the water runs out; you don’t have to worry about any mishaps with this unit. This diffuser works with any 100% pure essential oil, and while other types of diffusers may struggle with thicker or heavier oils you will have no problems here. Should there be any problems with the unit, you can rest assured that it will be resolved under the one-year warranty provided by the manufacturer.

Dual Purpose

The unit disperses your favorite essential oil micro particles into the air in a fine mist form, without the use heat or flame, so you can enjoy the full therapeutic effects of the essential oil. It’s also very versatile, as it can also be used as a humidifier.

Elegant Design and Soothing Lights

This essential oil diffuser has a light bamboo woodgrain finish that gives it a timeless look. It blends easily with any décor, adding a touch of elegance to the room. In addition to its great look it also has a LED night light that displays seven colors. You can chose to have the colors rotate or you may pause it on the color that you find most soothing or which best fits your mood.

Anypro Cool Mist Humidifier Diffuser for Aromatherapy

The Anypro Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier is a best seller and once you use it you will understand why. This compact unit can be used in a variety of settings and it is well made. It looks and feels sturdy and reviewers have said that it has survived being dropped a few times without any damage to the unit. However, while it looks great its primary purpose is to be a diffuser and its performance in that area is second to none. It disperses the essential oils without heat, so all of the oils’ natural properties are maintained as you inhale them. Customers also say that it provides just the right amount of humidity to a room, where standard humidifiers sometimes add too much.

LED Lights

Many of these units come with LED lights. However, with this one from Anypro the light feature is wide enough that you get the full effect of the light and it appears as if the entire unit has totally changed color. At the same time it does not appear to be an unattractive plastic light fixture when it’s not in use, as the lighting panel sits in the middle of the wood grain finished unit. You can choose to have the colors in constant rotation or you may choose to select a particular color.

Timed Settings

This diffuser has a timed setting feature. It allows you to select from one, three, or six hours, after which it will shut itself off, giving you the freedom of choosing how long you need the unit to run. You can also choose to leave it on continuous mode where it will run until the water runs out; then it will shut off automatically.

Portable Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser Review

The Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser from Radha Beauty is a great little ultrasonic diffuser. Good for small to medium sized rooms, this unit is super easy to assemble and use, and you get great results almost instantly. The unit lights up fully when you use the LED light feature, giving the room a beautiful light effect, while not becoming an overpowering distraction. With seven colors to choose from, you can choose to select a single color or have them continuously rotate. This diffuser also has an intermittent mist release feature so it can be set to release mist for a 30 second duration or it can be set to run continuously. I find that the intermittent feature works for me because the water in the unit lasts longer this way. Another great feature is that it will shut off automatically when the water has been used up.


The unit is very compact, which makes it easy to move from room to room or to spaces outside of the home like the office or any enclosed space in which its use would be appropriate. It also has a very long cord which makes placement anywhere in a room easy, and if it falls, customers report, it’s pretty hardy and remains intact.

Great Price Point

The cost of this unit makes it an attractive option, but don’t think that you would be sacrificing quality for price. The unit is attractive, sturdy, and works well so you won’t feel as if you are missing out on anything.

URPOWER 2nd Version Aroma Essential with Adjustable Mist

The URPower Essential Oil Diffuser with its sleek Japanese design acts as both a diffuser and dehumidifier. It uses ultrasonic technology, and the benefit of this is that the essential oils are broken down into micro molecules and dispersed into the air. The molecules attach themselves to harmful particles in the air, which gives a purifying effect and leaves the room with a fresh smell. You will also breathe in the molecules so you will benefit fully from the oil’s therapeutic effect.

Newer and Better

This is an upgrade from the previous unit, so you know that the URPower team has put everything into making this unit worthy of your attention. It now boasts an increased misting capability, which makes it diffuse the essential oils more quickly and improves the moisture in a room. For those who might struggle with issues such as respiratory problems or dry skin, this is definitely for you. However, everyone will benefit from its gentle humidifying action as well as its superior essential oil diffusing capabilities.

Whisper Quiet

One of the aims of getting a diffuser is to promote relaxation, so the last thing that you need is a noisy unit ruining the experience. That will not happen with this diffuser as it features a whisper quiet operation. It’s so quiet that you can put it in the bedroom at bedtime and know that you will not be disturbed by it. The unit also features intermittent misting or continuous operating modes and will run for up to six hours.

InnoGear 200ml Best Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser

InnoGear has built a reputation of providing great quality diffusers and they do not disappoint with their Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser. It is a beautiful unit featuring a wood grain finish that makes it easy to place in any room.

Aromatherapy Benefits

With this essential oil diffuser you can enjoy the relaxing and healing benefits of aromatherapy in the comfort of your home. After a stress filled day, you can relax with the aid of this unit, water, and a few drops of your favorite essential oil. You can also use this unit to target other specific problems. For example, by using the right oil or combination of oils, you can combat insects in your home. Why I personally like to use this diffuser that it has a powerful misting function so I can lift my spirits after a tough day by diffusing my favorite oils, especially lemongrass. I find that the InnoGear diffuser does a great job in dispersing the oils into the air and I immediately begin to unwind.

Great Gift

With its streamlined design and good overall quality, this unit makes a great gift for family and friends. It will please the seasoned diffuser user and it’s also great as a starter unit for persons new to aromatherapy. Be sure to let them know that apart from looking great, the unit has great features like timed operating settings and the very popular LED light function.

TOTU Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Humidifier Review

Totu’s Essential Oil Diffuser is a compact unit which, despite its size, is very effective in diffusing essential oils into any small or medium sized space. The ultrasonic feature of the diffuser gives it an added benefit as its technology can cleanse and purify the air while diffusing oil.

Rainbow Lights

Lights in and of themselves are known to provide therapeutic benefits for several conditions. While the manufacturers would never say that the lights on this unit will clear up any specific condition, the rainbow lights here do provide a soothing effect that complements the experience of the diffuser.

Best Value for Money

Reviewers rave about the price of this product relative the high quality performance received. It’s one of the lower-cost units on the market, yet it performs just as well or better that some of its higher priced counterparts. It’s whisper-quiet operation and the ability to set it to operate continuously or intermittently are some of the nice touches on this affordable unit.

Calily Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser Review

Designed for Control

Control your Calily Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser Aromatherapy from up to 20 feet away. With its sleek and smooth prism-like shape the diffuser really lights up a room as it changes various colors. You can control the color settings by interchanging between “soft color changing”, “fixed at one color”, or just “off”. This diffuser can run for up to 6 hours and effectively covers up to 250 sq. ft. Just fill it with warm tap water and you are ready to go – no need for filtered water.

Quiet and Safe Diffuser

This diffuser is designed to be whisper quiet, allowing the atmosphere to be pleasant, silent, and relaxing with no noise, bubbling sounds, humming, heat, or vibration – just peace and silence. It can be used in any room of your choice and would not disturb anyone. It is also perfectly safe to touch even when it is on, as it uses non-heat, ultrasonic waves. This diffuser also turns off automatically whenever the water runs low, so you don’t have to worry about it burning anyone or running while you sleep or step out of the room for a bit. So it’s very safe if you have children around.

Soothing Health

The health benefits are also really good. The Calily Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser uses non-heat ultrasonic waves that preserve the healing properties of your favorite oils. I find that it uniformly and steadily releases mists of soothing swirls, even distributing the fragrance in the air. This diffuser can also act as a humidifier, simply by not adding oil.

VicTsing Mini Electric with Auto Off Function

This diffuser from VicTsing will first attract your attention because of its unique design. However, once you use it, because of its effective diffusing capabilities and soothing LED lighting feature, it is likely you will be captivated by its ability to bring about a feeling of total peace and relaxation in a space.

Classic Wood Grain

Most of this unit is in a very nice, classic wood grain finish that will go well with many different types of home and office decor. It appearance is quite elegant and it doesn’t scream diffuser from a mile away, so I guess you could say it is also discreet. Whether it is discreet or not may be debatable, but I think most people would agree that this is a very beautiful design.

Safe and Easy to Use

This diffuser is very safe. The only buttons on the unit are to turn it off and adjust the light settings. It’s cool to the touch so it can even be used in rooms with children and pets around. Should it run out of water while in operation, it will shut itself off automatically; therefore, there is no fire hazard. Get up to 8 hours of safe and serene mist time with this user-friendly unit.

Now Foods Ultrasonic Wood Grain Oil Diffuser

A diffuser that is quiet, stylish, and functions well? Yes all this is possible with the Now Foods Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser. This unit has a beautiful wood grain finish and a curvy design that makes it stand out from the crowd in the sea of diffusers on the market.

Sensual Design

The shape of this diffuser is somewhere between the curves on a woman and those on lily petals – either way it has a very soft and sensual quality about it. I would almost put it in the category of art instead of appliance, but in the end it cannot be denied that it is a device with a purpose. If you are going to have a diffuser in your personal space, such as a bedroom, it might just as well look like this one. This beautiful unit will look good in and enhance the look of just about any environment.

No Heat Element

There is absolutely no risk of burns or any heat-related damage when you use this diffuser from Now Foods, as it doesn’t actually use any heat. This also means that it is able to keep the integrity of the essential oils that you use with it more than a unit that does use a heating element. You will get a safe and more authentic aromatherapy experience when you use this NOW Food Ultrasonic diffuser.

URBST 300ml Aromatherapy Diffuser with Waterless Automatic Shut-Off

If you have a lot of wooden furniture or maybe just like the look of wood, then you should take a closer look at the URBST Diffuser. The natural wood grain look of the unit makes it the perfect complement to any wood decor pieces and even your wooden floors. It also has an auto shut off feature and all of 7 different colors from LED lights. The lights are beautifully displayed from a thick central panel nestled between its wooden top and bottom.

Attractive Appearance

Both lighted diffusers and wooden diffusers have recently become very popular and this URBST unit has the best of both worlds. The result of combining these two styles is a machine that looks really good, at least I think so. The wood is the perfect background for the LED lights and it also lends itself quite nicely to the nature theme that is often preferred in aromatherapy.

Portable Unit

This diffuser weighs less than 2 pounds so it is extremely portable. This means that you will be able to take it with you on the go and continue to enjoy the benefits of essential oils even when you are away from home. You can easily pack it in your luggage when you are going on trips – just remember to empty out any water!

Holan Best Cool Mist Ultrasonic Aroma Humidifier

Holan essential oil diffuser is a cool mist humidifier and aroma diffuser that offers an adjustable mist mood, multicolor light, and a waterless automatic shut off. Put it in your bedroom, nursery, or office – it will be a great fit anywhere. The Holan essential oil diffuser is top-rated in its class and everyone can see why that is.

Great for your health

If you are looking for an oil diffuser that was designed with a healthier you in mind then look no further. This unit has been known to help with stress and anxiety, your focus, your sleep, headaches, and depressions. It also helps with dry skin, chapped lips, and dry sinuses. There is no other diffuser quite like the Holan Essential oil diffuser.

Compact Design

What if I was to tell you that the Holan essential oil diffuser is only 14.4 ounces? Yes it is – talk about convenience and the ability to blend into your décor without overwhelming your room.

Calily Eternity with Relaxing & Soothing Multi-Color LED Light

Calily Eternity ultrasonic essential oil diffuser has got to be the creation of a genius; a genius that knows what people are looking for in a aromatherapy diffuser and has decided to give it to them. The Calily Eternity diffuser releases gentle mist in the form of waves that is great for filling your desired room with the right fragrance that you need. It is so beautifully designed that you simply cannot stop looking at it. It offers the functionality you need as well as beautifies and enhances any setting it is in. It is safe and easy to use as the Calily Eternity automatically shuts off when the tank is empty, and it is cool to the touch so don’t worry about ever being burnt.

Sleep in comfort

This diffuser will offer you the best sleep you will get with a humidifier or diffuser in the house. It features a whisper-quiet operation designed to be quiet and pleasant. I am talking about absolutely no noise, vibrations, or heat. Put Calily Eternity on your bedside table right next to you and you would not even know it is there if you do not see it. It is the perfect night light as its multi-color display throws an ample yet soothing glow. LED lights swish you away into sweet relaxation. The lights dim enough to allow you to fall asleep but are bright enough for you to see your way around the room.

Calming Diffuse Effect

Calily Eternity does not only depend on the mood enhancing lights to relax you. The mist itself takes you to a place of peace and allows you to set just the right environment for you to thrive. No fading effect – just the fragrance you desire.

BlueFire Best Humidifying Essential Oils Diffuser

The BlueFire electric ultrasonic humidifier and aroma diffuser has taken the responsibility of being the only humidifier or diffuser you will ever need. It’s made from dark wood and releases cool mist to help you ease into tranquility. Its mini size not only makes it the cutest humidifier you will ever see but it also makes it lightweight and very much portable. It was made for comfortable handling, is easy to clean, and works great in both your private and public environments.

Promotes Well Being

BlueFire diffuser kills bacteria and purifies the air while giving you just the right amount of mist you need. It is an essential home and office health guard especially during the cold and flu seasons. It is perfect for the nursery to help your little ones breathe easy and eliminate the dry air from around them while keeping them bacteria and germ free.

Elegant design

This is one of the most elegant designs I have seen for a diffuser or humidifier. BlueFire diffuser and humidifier is the perfect gift for almost all occasions – weddings, baby shower, going off to college, bachelor pad, you name it. Bluefire will uplift your spirits and treat your body and mind with aromatherapy. You will be happy you got it and then you are going to want one for everyone you know. I know I did. The BlueFire electric ultrasonic humidifier and aroma diffuser does not heat the oil so all the essential oils your body needs to absorb will be preserved.

URPOWER Wood Grain Ultrasonic Cool Aromatherapy

Urpower is a ultrasonic, cool mist aromatherapy essential oil diffuser. Its unique look, whisper-quiet operation, and LED light features are just icing on the cake to an already well-designed diffuser. It is easy to use and compact; that means it fits right in with all the beautiful decorations you would find in the home. I am yet to decide what my favorite feature of this product is because it has so many outstanding ones. Urpower aromatherapy essential oil diffuser was designed with its users in mind, and is a product you will actually feel was made for you.

Smooth Operation

Urpower offers over 10 hours of operation on a full tank of water, the best part is it automatically shuts off when the water has run out, ensuring safety. It comes with a light only or mist only feature. At the press of a button you can choose whether you would like seven beautiful LED colors changing automatically or just the mist without the light. This feature is great for a bedroom night setting, a relaxing bath after a hard day, or entertainment for the kids as they fall asleep.


This is a versatile diffuser that is great for your home, spa, office, entertainment space, or even mediation sessions. Its nature-inspired theme helps you to relax and breathe easily. It does not dilute or eliminate the minerals you would hope to receive from the essential oils; instead it preserves them while purifying the air and offering you a sweet comfortable setting.

Q-YEE Cool Mist Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

Full of features like its fashion color changes and built-in ionizer, this Q-Yee humidifier and diffuser combo is going to give you a lot of value for your money. If you are looking for a high-tech unit that is also beautiful and multifunctional, this is worth checking out.

Sleep Better

People who have trouble sleeping can benefit greatly from the use of an aromatherapy diffuser like this one from Q-Yee. It is also a good option for anyone who just wants to enjoy deeper, more restful sleep at night. I imagine every night will feel like you are falling asleep in a spa when you have one of these units in your bedroom.

Auto Shut Down

Safety is always a huge concern when it comes to using electronic appliances like essential oil diffusers. This Q-Yee diffuser has a great safety feature that I really like. When the water in the machine runs out it will shut down automatically. This is definitely a great feature to have, as a diffuser that is operation for hours without any water is a huge safety risk.

Aickar Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser Review

The Aickar Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser is made from high quality PP material and is really easy to use. The design includes 9 LED lights which can interchange or be one continuous color, and you also have the ability to adjust the brightness of the lights. The lights can be adjusted by tapping the light button until you have found your favorite color. I really like that feature. The cover of this diffuser sits in place but does not snap or screw on.

Refill Oil in Silence

The package includes a cup to fill and refill the tank. Once the recommended amount of oil and water is poured into the tank, the diffuser is turned on and the misting starts. Though there is a little hushed bubbling sound the diffuser is quite peaceful. Once the water runs too low the diffuser will automatically turn off and the refill indicator light will turn on, letting you know it’s time for more. It also has a timer for those times when you don’t want to keep it running for the entire day. It can be set to turn off after 60 minutes, 120 minutes, or 180 minutes, or you can set it to continue until the water runs out.

Misty Fragrance

There are two mist settings on the diffuser for you to choose between – there is the high mist and then there is the low mist. The diffuser allows you to decide if you want the mist to be released consistently or only periodically. So while you play around with that setting, I must remind you that your fragrance is only as strong as the amount of oil you put in, and the bigger the room the less you will smell the oil. While it won’t cater to the entire house, the bedroom, bathroom, or even office is a good place to have it.

Homasy Essential Diffuser with One Touch Button Control

Homasy essential Oil diffuser is my humidifier of choice. With over ten (10) hours of mist time I am offered both comfort and peace of mind. It functions as both a diffuser and a humidifier in one package, which is a bonus. It refreshes and moisturizes a room of up to 161 square feet, so you do not have to think about getting more than one. It has a whisper-quiet design so I work and sleep with ease without being bothered. Not to mention it’s easy to use, as you can even add water into the water tank directly with no problem.

Silent Yet Effective

The silent and uniquely designed humidifier is easy to use and portable. After pouring a maximum amount of 800ml water in the water tank and adding up to 5 drops of your favorite essential oils, you can get up to 10 hours of usage and enough mist for a room no larger than 161 sq.ft. Sometimes you may find the essence to be too flat or too strong, that is dependent on how much of the oil you put in it as it evenly distributes the mist over time.

Simple and Safe

There aren’t many buttons in this design; in fact there is only one main button for easy control of the mist and the night light attached. The safety feature also automatically turns of the humidifier once the water is too low, allowing you to relax and be worry free. It can be used in just about any room in your house that you can think of or even in your office space, and only needs to be plugged in and turned on once water and oils are in the tank.

Refreshes and Moisturizes

This humidifier not only refreshes the atmosphere of your home or office but it also rejuvenates your skin. Yes, it also acts a moisturizer to keep your skin fresh and soft. The Homasy Essential Oil Diffuser Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier, unlike most other humidifiers and diffusers, releases its mist in a soft and uniformed way, allowing it to be evenly distributed in the room. However, there is still one extra cool feature – you can decide if you want the mist to go in a particular direction or not. Sometimes you may find the essence to be too flat or too strong, depending on how much of the oil you put in it as it evenly distributes the mist over time.

VicTsing Aromatherapy Cool Mist Humidifier

With its eye-catching wood design, which gives a very spa like ambiance, the VicTsing aromatherapy cool mist humidifier is small, lightweight, and has a very authentic design with multi-colour LED lights and 7 interchangeable color options. These 7 colors light up both the inside and the outside the humidifier.

Effective and Worry-Free

If you are planning to have a relaxing or romantic evening or simply desire for a real-time spa feel, this is the humidifier for you. It surely did the trick for me. The instructions are clear – just add the recommended amount of water and 2 to 5 drops of your favorite oils. It can be used in any room or office space, it is easy to operate and you don’t have to worry about falling asleep or forgetting about it. Its safety features allow it to turn off once the water inside gets too low. The water capacity is approximately 280ml and allows for up to 18 hours of usage without having to worry about refilling it.

Health is Moisturizing

This VicTsing aromatherapy cool mist humidifier creates a cool, healing vapor which moisturizes the air using ultrasonic pulsating waves, thus promoting a healthy lifestyle. The diffuser can run in two modes. Mode one allows it to run for up to 3 minutes, taking a 1-minute break, and mode two allows it to continually run until the water is low enough to trigger the auto-off safety feature.

Riverock Essential Oil Diffusers by Deneve

Authentic design

The Riverock Essential Oil Diffuser is an ultrasonic aromatherapy, cold oil diffuser designed to keep you calm as you relax after a long day, meditate, or partake in a session of yoga. The diffuser is light, easy to use, and pleasing to handle with its soft touch exterior. It also comes equipped with wrap-around multi-colored LED lights incorporated in its design and can be turned on and off according to the preference of the user.

The package also includes a measuring cup for the purpose of measuring the water to oil ratio. Though there is no on or off buttons on the body of the diffuser and you would have to press the body itself various times, you don’t have worry about falling asleep with it on. Once the liquid is finished the diffuser turns off.

Less Stress, No mess

This oil diffuser, unlike other diffusers and humidifiers, leaves little to no vapor marks on your hard surfaces, thus making it the perfect no mess diffuser – less for me to clean up. When filled with water at full capacity you can get up to 5 hours of usage within a 250 sq. ft. coverage.

One of the best features is that it is virtually quiet, making only a very soft gurgling noise. As with any ultrasonic diffuser the cleaning process is similar and not time-consuming. After use, empty the diffuser and use a mild soap or vinegar and water solution. It is recommended that this be done on a weekly basis.

Mijoyee Best Wood Grain Essential Oil Diffuser

The Mijoyee Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser is an excellent option for anyone looking for a simple to use, multipurpose oil diffuser. From the weight to the features of this product I am already impressed with it. It’s features cater to all ages and sizes, as children simply adore the multicolor display at just the press of a button. There are so many great features on this oil diffuser but my favorite thing is its look. It has a nature-inspired look and this makes it able to blend in with the decor in any room without you even knowing it is there.

Timer Setting

This essential oil diffuser has four different time settings suitable for adjusting the mist to your individual needs. This model of Mijoyee oil diffuser can actually be adjust based on your desired time specification, be it 60 minutes, 180 minutes, or 360 minutes. Whether you like your mist to be weak or strong, with this diffuser you can have it just the way you like it at just a push of a button.

LED Colored lighting

One of the features I like best on this unit is that it allows a color transition between seven different colors fitted for setting the mood and the environment that is just right for you. Colors inspired by nature offer a calm and relaxing feel; you may have to remind yourself that you are not outside in the open air.

Whether you are using this diffuser at home, the office, yoga studio, the bedroom, the study room, or the spa, the lighting on the Mijoyee Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser can really enhance your experience and produce a more relaxing atmosphere.

Reviews Conclusion

There you have it – my top 20 picks for the best essential oil diffusers available on the market for purchase today. I enjoyed putting this information together for you and reviewing all these awesome diffusers. I thought I knew everything about diffusers but I actually learned a few things in the process of doing these reviews for you – so thank you!

I hope you are able to use this information to find the best diffuser for your home or office. If you are still unsure about which diffuser you should get, you can check out my articles on the different types of diffusers to get some helpful information.